MZ-467 Memorial Trip Photos

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Greg, John & Albert takeoff for Germany via Singapore.  VH-QPA, QF-51 Airbus A330 13th April 2009

Photo: Kelvin Hill


Rolf & Greg visit Schleissheim Airfield after arriving in Germany. This is where Schmidt's night fighter took off from to intercept MZ-467

Airside view of Schleissheim Airfield


After traveling 15,876 km's we are finally at the roadside chapel

This is a beautiful part of Germany

        Standing at the exact spot where MZ-467 crashed in a flat spin at 3.44am on the 17th April 1945



On arrival in Germany it was a beautiful day, so time for some local flying over the crash site of MZ-467 with Rolf as our pilot

Aerial view of Kloster Holzen, this is where we stayed and also where Allan Lodder was taken after he crashed, it was used as a German Field Hospital during WW2

Aerial photo showing impact area of MZ-467. The Halifax flew over the tree line in a flat spin before crashing into the field.


Greg & Rolf discover more parts of the crashed aircraft

Greg looks at the building we believe housed Allan Lodder, part of Kloster Holzen


  Greg & John's accommodation at Kloster Holzen

View towards the back of the church showing the organ and part of the ceiling.


There is a lot of history in this church

John Colls takes some photos inside Kloster Holzen's beautiful church


Jurgen Rest signs his name before he sets the memorial plaque in place at the roadside chapel

(L-R) Wing Commander Darren May RAAF , Rolf Ebnet, Jurgen Rest, Sgt Craig Rowland RAAF, Greg Weir


Kirsty, Greg, Mrs Hausman, Jenny, Jamie and Mark visit the Hausman family house. Photo taken outside the house where Allan was taken in by the Hausman family and cared for before being taken to Kloster Holzen

This is the Kitchen where Allan Lodder had his burns treated

Final planning for the Memorial service takes place at Kloster Holzen



Albert - The German recreational pilot

that Greg met on the plane from Brisbane

Dave McGarvie from Scotland chats with Darren May



Former Flight Engineer of MZ-467 Joe Hollins stands next to the plaque which was set in place at the roadside chapel. Many thanks to Joe Hollins and also John Watts for making the trip from the UK to Germany

(L-R) Darren May, Jurgen Rest, Craig Rowland

Jurgen has donated his collection to the Australian people



Greg reads out Capt Allan Lodder's account of the crash to a small group of people who braved the cold windy conditions at the crash site (3.42am on the 17th April 2009)


Five poppies were placed in the ground in remembrance of the 5 Airman lost their lives in the early hours of the 17th April 1945
















People came from all over the world to pay their respects


   Alison & Nicola McKnight from Scotland 


(L-R) Dave McGarvie, Wing Commander Royal Air Force Mark Roswell,  Capt. Gavin Irwin, Royal Australian Navy Defence Attaché Berlin


The rain came down but nobody cared too much

Len & Margaret Turner along with Jon & Colin from the UK enjoyed the trip and the chance to catch up with relatives from Australia


John Colls, Dave McGarvie, Nicola McKnight, Robert McKnight, Steven McKnight, Alison McKnight

Greg Weir & Sgt Craig Rowland listen to Mayor Erich Stohl as he talked about receiving Greg's email


Commanding Officer of RAAF 462 Squadron Wing Commander Darren May presents Mayor Stohl with a book of 462 Sqn's history

Joe Hollins on his first visit to Durnbach War Cemetery


(L-R) Darren May, Rolf Ebnet, John Watts, Joe Hollins, Greg Weir, John Colls and Craig Rowland stand in front of the graves of the crew of MZ-467

"The Poms" in fine form


The Owners of the Roadside Chapel with Darren May

Afternoon tea at Jurgen & Lilly's


At the flea markets near the Alps