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This website was originally created in September 2005 to tell the story of "C" for Charlie and its crew who were shot down over Germany during WW2.

The story of MZ-467 came about June 2005 when Allan Lodder was visiting his local car mechanic John Colls in Gympie Queensland wanting to share his story of being shot down in Germany. John Colls contacted another Gympie local and friend

Greg Weir who 12 weeks later interviewed Allan Lodder at his Gympie home, from that day onwards the search for information relating to the crash of MZ-467 began.

Please refer to the research updates & latest new page for a timeline of the events that occured leading up to the first memorial service in 2009 and beyond.

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MZ-467 Crew 17/4/45

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462 Sqn Pilots

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Assorted photos

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JU88-G6 Night fighter

MZ-467 Memorial Service photos - Germany 2009

Peter & Mary Naylor

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