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David's first flight was in an Auster VH-FAF on the 12th July 1957 with the lesson being effect of controls, his last commercial flight would take place 34 years later on the 10th Sept 1991 in a TAA Boeing 727 VH-TBP. During this period David logged up over 12,000 hours of flying hours and flew in a great era of Australia's aviation history

I interviewed David in 2008 at his home in Queensland and I was taken back by his great flying stories. In the coming months I will build the webpage to incude some of David's most memorable flights.

Please check back soon for updates - Greg





Photo of David Spring Brown taken in flight by a passenger








Former TAA Captains, Erik Sundstrup & David Spring-Brown (Mt Mee - Queensland 12/04/2008)

  (Photo - G.Weir)



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