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The images below shows where MZ-467 crashed in the early hours of the 17th April 1945.

Many thanks to Rolf Ebnet for his assistance in pin pointing the crash site

  New photos added, last updated 07/03/2015




Errol Tisdell's sister Audrey with Greg at her home in Taree. 06/05/08


Norman Tisdell, brother of Errol "Dallas" Tisdell. 05/05/08



Allan & Eileen at their home. 10th Sept 2005


Allan at home. 10th Sept 2005

Back Row: (L/R)  McGarvie, Lodder, Casterton.

Front Row: Windus, Naylor, Foster


Cecil Foster


Z for Zebra at Foolsham, with Cecil in the cockpit.


Mr & Mrs R.E Casterton on their Wedding day.


Allan and Eileen on their Wedding day.

Flight Engineer Joe Hollins who was not on MZ-467 when it crashed in Germany.

The author's son Matthew with Allan 11th Jan 2009

Former Night Fighter Pilot and 747 Captain with Lufthansa Peter Spoden with Rolf Ebnet 19th April 2008



Former MZ-467 Flight Engineer - Joe Hollins

Photo - Dave McGarvie


MZ-467 Pilot Allan Lodder 13th Feb 2009


Allan Lodder & Sgt Craig Rowland


Allan is presented with the former and current 462 Sqn Crest by Commanding Officer of 462 Sqn Wing Commander Darren May



Greg, Brad, Janelle, Tiana

First meeting in Brisbane 13/09/14 with Brad & Janelle - Relatives of Cecil Foster


Cecil Foster's diary frozen in time, last entry 16 April 1945

Photo: Greg Weir

Janelle is amazed when her brother Brad shows her Cecil's diary


Rare crew photo showing six of MZ-467 crew members with four unknown crew.

Back row L/R - Cecil, Allan, Edward, Ronald, Peter & Robert.

Another rare photo showing four of the MZ-467 crew

L/R - Cecil, Joe, Allan, Peter, ???



A striking photo of Allan Lodder in the Cockpit of a restored Halifax


Edward Windus - Foulsham Winter - Photo Windus Family



Windus family photo - Teignmouth Devon

L/R Hilda, Gwendoline, Gerald, Edward - Photo Windus Family


Edward Windus at his sister's wedding six days before he was killed

L/R - Edward Windus, John Bradley, Hilda Windus

11th April 1945 - Photo Windus Family



Three MZ-467 Crew - Christmas 1944 at Driffield

Top centre to right - Joe, Ronald, Cecil, ???


Photo of the ring that Robert McGarvie was wearing at the time

of the crash, this ring was used by the American investigators to give a

postive ID on Robert's body - Photo Dave McGarvie


MZ-467 Flare Gun

Found by Jurgen Rest at the crash site, now on display at the

Australian War Memorial Canberra


Durnbach Cemetery - Photo Windus Family



MZ-467 In-Flight photo during air tests - Photo: Max Langworthy

This very rare photo was taken by 462 Sqn pilot Max Langworthy just after take off

on the way to carry out air to sea firing tests - 26th March 1945